Tickle your brain!

Zooming in with a smile (For non-English obviously)

Video calls are becoming even more important than they have already become. We are all getting used to it and getting better at it. (True .., especially with digital company drinks;) However, what if you have to do video calls in English while doubting your English vocabulary or pronunciation. More and more people experience this. In 3 sessions I help you to enter your call comfortably and with a smile!


Forget Brainstorms. Experience Mindstorms! A different approach, a bigger impact, greater result and a massive engagement within the company and teams.
Being creative in business terms is not some sort of recreational goal to keep the ‘troops’ happy. It’s about creativity with purpose.
The goal of a business is to improve the impact and performance of the business. So every creative strategy is about improving products and services as well as coming up with new possibilities or opportunities.

powerbank jezelf

Due to the enormity of the use of our beloved mobile phones, almost everyone has one. the charger. With this power bank we can charge our phone anywhere. But what if we have a Powerbank in ourselves that can recharge our self-confidence? Which is possible!
Come along and establish your own personal energy provider in half a day.

business hide-out/retreats

The retreats and hideouts of AwareMotivation are set up in such a way that you can take home everything you have experienced during your stay and continue it effortlessly. Unlearning has never been more fun. And the impact has never been so great! Also for your company and employees.

review #2

‘..Met humor, lijfwijsheden en wetenschap uit eeuwenoude tradities. Door zijn zinspelende visie op persoonlijk leiderschap is het de eye-opener voor jezelf…’


– Anna –