a different approach, a new method with result

A different approach

After thoroughly enjoying myself more than 30 years in advertising, marketing and strategy, in 2016 I started to focus more on the functioning of our brain and its consequences. By giving seminars and motivating groups under the name of Aware Motivation in the Netherlands, South Africa and Spain, I started ‘simplifying ‘ everything. Simplifying the functioning of our thoughts and emotions. A different approach, a new method with success! In addition, I have specialized in individual and group coaching & training, including through hypnotherapy.


I am convinced that a great awareness is underway. An evolutionary awareness. Wires that are finally starting to make more connections between our primary brain and the big thinking brain. A kind of upgrade. For us as humans, we are now getting rid of our autopilot … and that feels uncomfortable. That feels ‘fucked up’. And that is natural, while we are now starting to be able to do more with our mind. Evolution simply continues. My intention is to guide this process. In a nice and humorous way. While with humour everything sticks better.