Having no peace of mind is not weird

pink elephants...

During the Personal Coaching I use elements from different techniques. From NLP to systemic work and from motivational sessions to hypnotherapy. All blended into the Aware Method
You don’t have to see pink elephants flying or hugging trees in the park for this. Obviously, you can put your shit with me. However, I see myself more as a cleaner than a garbageman.

What is it we can talk about

About a lot of things. Exam fear, fear of failure, Covid stress, intimate blockages, fear of commitment / separation anxiety (a super ‘popular’ combination now), insecurities in your relationship, work, etc. Basically, everything you get stuck on yourself.

Important! I do not treat heavy addictions or suicidality! Brilliant specialists are available for this through the doctor or GGZ.

How am I as your coach?

As a coach I am someone who takes you seriously, make you laugh during a session. Who can make you look at things or yourself differently, so that you can deal with situations in a more pleasant, easier and liveable way.

Besides that, I am quite nice. Funny too. But above all I am straightforward! Together we enter a process with an expectation. I therefore assume and expect that we will both go for it 101%.

That invisible middle finger

True .. that finger is always present! Without you realizing it. Our ‘small’ brains affect 90% of our body, unconscious thoughts and life. 90% !!!
The moment you tell yourself that your life sucks.., your cerebellum (your safety bodyguard) acts on that thought. It listens and obeys, “Check. I hear you. Received. Let’s do it!”. And stores that command in your personal algorithm”. So, yes you do make your own decisions. But that 10% of our conscious brain has become much stronger. We can now make that 90% work for us. We can make it more fun. Easier too.

“Arnout is een scherpe denker en leest mensen met zijn gevoel. Geen zweverige prietpraat maar concrete handvatten heb ik gekregen om mij verder te ontwikkelen. Hier ben ik erg blij mee. En nu op dit punt, blijf ik door de “ onderhouds” gesprekken scherp zijn de doelen nog steeds helder…